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What’s harder than going through medical school? Getting into medical school. Seriously! Residency match rates hover around 78% but the acceptance rate at most medical schools is about 7%.

This is why we created the Guide to Getting Into Medical School, a free ebook that breaks down the entire premed journey, from the basics of the MCAT to behind-the-scenes information and advice from medical school admissions committee members and experts. 

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What's Inside Your Guide?

Chapter 1: Intro to the MCAT
… AKA your cheat sheet to exam success! From test sections to study timelines, we’ll cover everything you need to become an MCAT master.

Chapter 2: Preparing to Prep
Set yourself up for success with insights on test date selection, prep scheduling, and how to ace the monster of all exams.

Chapter 3: Ready to Take the Test?
When to schedule (or reschedule), that is the question. Use this chapter to measure your exam-readiness and make the right choice!

Chapter 4: Making the Most of Your Prep
Ready to elevate your study plan from good to great? Strive for a standout score with these strategies.

Chapter 5: Thinking About Retaking?
Ensure that you’re not only making the best decision, but that your next attempt is the last one!

Chapter 6: Admissions
With the MCAT in your rearview mirror, it’s time to polish your application and interview skills to perfection.

Round out your lessons learned with a send-off from our experts. You’ve got this, and we’ve got your back!

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