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Free MCAT Content Checklist

New test takers are often not sure where to start with MCAT prep. If this is you, don't worry. You're not alone. There’s a lot to cover and as a busy pre-med with scribing, volunteering, and other extracurriculars filling up your calendar, you probably don’t have time to make your own MCAT outline. Thankfully, Blueprint's MCAT experts have boiled down every subject on the MCAT into a content checklist to get you started and prepared for test day with what’s on the MCAT.

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  • Make sure you cover everything on the MCAT test
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  • Track your MCAT preparation and content knowledge so you can show up on test day confident and ready to crush the MCAT

Whether you’re gearing up to take the MCAT or simply an underclassman in school wanting to get a head start on MCAT preparation, the Blueprint MCAT Content Checklist is an integral part of any MCAT study plan.


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